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2018-10 October newsletter

Welcome to October - we're well and truly into the Spring gardening season, and it's been lovely to see so many repeat customers come back as they're topping up their gardens again.

October is our birthday month at GLSC - this year marks 17 years that Paul & I have been running the business. There's certainly been some changes along the way; and we appreciate the lovely customers who have been part of the journey.

As we enjoy the Spring weather, we hope we can inspire you to get out and enjoy the sunshine while you tackle some important jobs to keep your garden looking great - both now, and through the Summer to come.

  • What to Plant Now & Jobs for the October Garden
  • Be Waterwise & Summer-ise Your Garden!
  • VIP Special Offer
  • Retail Outlet Update & Photo Competition Winner

2018-09 September 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to Spring! Such an exciting time to be in the garden as things are waking up from Winter and before the Summer sun reaches the extremes of heat once more. I hope you've enjoyed some glorious weather following the rainy days.

It's that time of year again - it's time to VOTE for us in the Organic Consumers' Choice Awards! The Green Life Soil Co has entered in the category of 'Organic Specialist' - and we'd appreciate your vote. Click on the link here to cast your vote... Voting is open until midnight on 7th October. THANK YOU!

  • Vote for us in the Organic Consumer Choice Awards!
  • Jobs for the September Garden & What to Plant NOW
  • Aphids - How to deal with these pests in your Spring garden
  • VIP special offer, Photo contest winner, and more!

2018-08 August Newsletter

Hello August - and we're 2/3rds through winter - officially. I can see signs of Spring in the garden already; our Almond tree is flowering, the Irises are in bud and so is my one and only Rose bush (which is a worry because I still haven't pruned it!). Sometimes the weather confuses us all... but we muddle through! At least in Perth we've had some good rain this year, and we're thankful for that. Let's hope there's a bit more to come (and that it makes its way to the drought affected areas over east too).

Rhubarb, Asparagus & Jerusalem Artichokes have all ARRIVED and we still have stock available. It's the perfect time to get these planted so don't delay. Asparagus is 'Mary Washington' variety 2nd year crowns, and the Rhubarb is 'Ever Red' - so the lovely rich, red stems you traditionally think of as rhubarb. Yum!

  • What to plant now & Jobs to do in the August garden
  • Stonemeal. What is it and what does it do?
  • VIP special deal
  • Photo competition winner & Retail stockists update

2018-07 July News

Hello again! I hope you're having a great Winter season so far. I know we've had some wet & bleak days, but we've also had some glorious mild and sunny weather - perfect for getting things done or for just enjoying the weekend outdoors. The Winter solstice is behind us - so technically the days are getting longer once again. The cycle continues! Still, thoughts of Spring are still some way off right now and we need more rain to soak the soil and to put something into our dams. (If you're planning ahead for Spring - make sure you check out our VIP special offer below.)

  • What to plant now & Jobs for the July garden
  • Biophilic Cities - we need them!
  • VIP special offer
  • Photo contest winner, Retail outlets & more!

2018-06 June Newsletter

Welcome to Winter! It has officially arrived; and after a few days AT LAST of decent rain - it feels like it! It's the time of year for hearty soups, stews and lots of fantastic winter vegies - if you haven't got them planted out yet you'd better get cracking!

We've got LOTS of tips & info for gardening in Winter in Perth (which by world standards - is mild!). So don't hibernate away - it's time to get busy.

  • Jobs for the June Garden & What to Plant NOW
  • Seed Potatoes - In stock & ready to grow.
  • Strawberries - How to grow sweet Strawberries at home
  • VIP Special Offer, Photo Competition Winner, Retail Outlets & more

2018-05 May Newsletter

How is it May already? Wow. We've still been enjoying some warmer days; and there's not been much rain as yet - so it feels like Autumn is yet to happen in earnest; although the night time temperatures are getting lower and the days are definitely shorter.

Autumn is a busy time in the garden and in this newsletter we've got lots of tips and great info to get you inspired.

  • What to Plant Now & Jobs to do in the May Garden
  • Indoor Plants - how to keep them looking great
  • Pest & Disease Tip - Scale Insects (and how to deal with them)
  • Photo Competition Winner, VIP Special Offer & more!

2018-04 April Newsletter

So who can believe we're officially one month into Autumn already? It seems to be a bit of a pattern now that Summer's last hurrah comes late & into Autumn, and this year seems no exception, with some warm days making us wonder about the timing of new plantings and soil preparation.

But the plants are aware of the shortening of daylight hours, and the cooler night temperatures, and we start to see the changes.

  • Jobs for the April garden & What to plant NOW
  • Top gardening problems (and how to solve them)
  • Perth Garden Festival - win a double pass
  • VIP special offer for April

2018-03 March news

It's officially Autumn - which means it's TIME TO GARDEN! With so much to be done, we've got timely reminders of those jobs PLUS links to lots of our free guides to give you even more info & inspiration.

Meet the winner of our 2018 Tomato Contest and find out what her top tips are for growing amazing tomatoes. I'm sure you'll be impressed by the pictures of her crop (and maybe a little bit jealous, too!).

So sit down & have a read of our newsletter - then get stuck into your garden!

  • Jobs for the March Garden & What to Plant Now
  • Winners are Grinners - Tomato Contest (& top tips) and Photo Competition
  • Prepping your Garden for Autumn
  • VIP special offer & Stockists Update

2018-02 February newsletter

Hello & welcome to February! As the kids go back to school it feels like we're really in the groove for 2018. I trust some of you got to enjoy some fun family times over the holidays.

It's an interesting time in the Perth garden. Usually February's one of our hottest months, so not conducive to gardening much at all - but we've been lucky to have a fairly mild summer so far this January and even LOTS of summer rain (thanks to ex-cyclone Joyce). At the same time there's that SLIGHT hint that we're on the downhill run to Autumn, with the promise of PERFECT growing conditions once more just around the corner. Hopefully this newsletter will inspire you and get you ready.

  • February in the garden - what to grow & what to do
  • Microgreens - the giving green!
  • Powdery Mildew - organic control
  • January photo comp winner, VIP special offer, GLSC stockist info & more!

2018-01 January Newsletter

I hope you all got to enjoy a break over the silly season (even those of you who work in retail!) and 2018 is off to a great start for you. There's certainly lots of good things in the pipeline for us here @ Green Life Soil Co.

While summer is a quieter time in the garden; as every gardener knows there's still things that need care and attention, so I hope this newsletter will give you some inspiration to enjoy some outdoors time.

  • Sweet Potato! Easy to grow - we'll show you how!
  • Jobs for the January Garden & What to Plant Now
  • How NOT to kill your plants this summer
  • VIP special, December photo comp winner & Tomato Contest 2018

2017-12 December newsletter

Hello and welcome to DECEMBER! I'm sure when I last blinked it was July... I guess that's the way things go!
We've been lucky that the weather has been MOSTLY mild so far; and things in our garden are growing well. I hope they are for you, too!
For customers North of the river, as of this week you can find our Certified Organic potting mix stocked at Waldecks in Stirling and Kingsley. I hope that makes it nice and handy for you to stock up when you need it.

So all the best for a safe and relaxing Christmas & happy December gardening. Cheers from all of us to all of you.

  • Jobs for the December Garden & What to Plant Now
  • Christmas Opening Hours for Green Life
  • Photo competition - send us your garden pics to win
  • Vegie Mix - what's different about it? (And it's on special for VIP's)

2017-11 November News

Welcome to the November newsletter - after a bit of a weird start to Spring it looks like we have some warmer weather arriving this week! Let's hope we can enjoy some gentle, warm Spring days before it starts to get crazy hot. I hope your garden's doing well - we've certainly enjoyed seeing things grow in response to the rain. I feel accomplished that we've got some summer crops in earlier this year; and look forward to harvest time!

  • Jobs for the November Garden & What to Plant Now
  • Build Your Soil with Mulch
  • Awards & Rewards - What's going on @ Green Life
  • VIP - Special Offer on Mulch

2017-10 October newsletter

Happy October - it's GLSC's birthday month, with 2017 marking 16 years that Paul & I have been in the business of encouraging good folk like yourselves to get out and garden! For those of you who have been with us the whole journey - thank you! And for those who have more recently discovered us - welcome & we hope we've got you hooked on living the green life too!

Spring has arrived @ Green Life - although the weather has been a bit all over the place with some cold & rainy days - as usual, right at Royal Show time! Hopefully the cold conditions haven't set your seedlings back too much; the longer daylight hours and sunshine (when it shows itself!) has meant things in our garden have been booming.

  • What to Plant in your Garden Now & Spring jobs to do
  • Do it in a Dress - we need your help!
  • Eat a Rainbow - Colour and Nutrition
  • VIP special offer for Spring

2017-09 September news

Welcome to September - the official start of Spring; and certainly a prime time for gardening in Perth. To help get you fired up, in this newsletter we've got a whole list of things you can grow now, a helpful reminder of jobs to do, and our feature article is about building your soil fertility.
Plus as always there's a special offer for our VIP customers - that's YOU!
We hope you enjoy our latest newsletter.

  • Spring has arrived - time to get busy!
  • What to plant now & Jobs to do in the September Garden
  • Fertilise Wisely - Improving Soil Fertility for the long term
  • VIP Special offer

2017-08 August news

As we head into August; the last official month of Winter, we're looking towards all the opportunities for a bumper spring crop & summer harvest. We address your gardening questions and help you get ready for Spring; with reminders for all those important jobs and a list of what you can begin to plant now.
With a whole new round of workshops announced, there's something for everyone @ GLSC, no matter where you are on your gardening journey.

  • August - Time to Get Busy!
  • What to Plant Now
  • Workshops - Grow With Us.
  • Winter Gardening Q & A - Your Questions Answered

2017-07 July Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our July newsletter! We've passed the shortest day of the year so... ever so slowly... the days are beginning to get longer once more. Let's hope we get a lot more rain between now and Spring.

Winter opening hours take effect from 1st July 2017. We're open from 8.30 - 4.00pm Monday - Saturday; and 8.30 - 2.00pm Sundays. Should you need to pick soil up outside of these hours (particularly trade customers) please contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

  • July Jobs in the Garden & What to Plant Now
  • Citrus - winter issues to watch out for
  • Cassies Clay - one for the Kaolinite fans
  • VIP special offer - get a jump on your spring garden

2017-06 June Newsletter

So much to do in the June garden... In our June 2017 newsletter we hope to inspire you to get those necessary jobs done and reap the rewards in Spring. But there's still plenty to plant and grow right now too.
Have you tried growing microgreens? Anyone can grow them anywhere - virtually no space required. We'll show you how.
Plus there's new products to try and more good stuff going on @ Green Life Soil Co.

  • Container growing - go potty in winter!
  • Microgreens. Nutritious and delicious.
  • New winter opening hours & new products... VIP introductory price!
  • Jobs to do in the garden in June and What to Plant now

2017-05 May Newsletter

Happy May! So we're half-way through Autumn almost, and hasn't the weather been gorgeous?
Sure - we could always use a bit more rain over here in dry Perth, but as far as working outside; the conditions have been perfect.
We've had a busy month with the Perth Garden Festival end April. I hope you got down to the show - organisers believe record numbers of about 30,000 made it through the gates this year, and it was certainly busy - lots of people to chat to and hopefully teach about their options for gardening in a more sustainable fashion.

  • What to Plant Now & A Handy Reminder for Autumn Garden Tasks
  • Compost - Make your own Vs. Buying Compost in Perth
  • VIP special offer
  • What's happening @ GLSC - workshops, International Permaculture Day, etc.

2017-04 April 17 News

Autumn is upon us! And isn't it lovely? We'd love to know what you're doing in your garden right now - if you're interested in sharing some photos, we'd love to see them! You never know - you could WIN yourself a pass to the Garden Festival... See below for more details!

We've been working on bringing some NEW products to market too - and we've got more info about those in this newsletter. Plus the handy reminders of what to do in the garden NOW, and what you can plant out at this time of year.

  • Easter Opening Hours
  • Meet the family - Introducing new products 'Charlie' and 'Rocky'
  • WIN a double pass to the Perth Garden Festival
  • What to Plant Now & Jobs to do in the Garden - April

2017-03 March Newsletter 2017

Welcome to Autumn!
We're excited because the best time to garden in Perth is this season!!!

There's LOADS to do in the garden at this time of year and we hope this newsletter will inspire you to get outside. Gardening is a wonderful way to nourish your body with gentle exercise and your mind with relaxing, purposeful tasks - and if you're growing edibles, you get to nourish your body from the inside too, with the freshest and tastiest produce you grow.

  • Soil pH - what is it? (check out our brand new downloadable chart!)
  • Preparing your garden for autumn planting
  • What to plant now
  • Jobs to do in March, More workshops coming up & a VIP offer!

2017-02 February Newsletter

Hello Green-Lifers - and welcome to February! At this time of year things are settling into a 'routine' - kids are back at school, holiday season is over and the year is really underway. It's time to get back into the garden.

This month we're announcing our Tomato Contest Winners. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter; it is always great to see the variety of tomatoes you're growing.

Plus we've got a whole new round of workshops coming for the first half of the year. Details are below. We'd love to know what other workshops you may be interested in, so drop us a line with your ideas.

  • Tomato Contest 2017 - the winners!
  • Workshops for 2017
  • Valentines Day - some surprising fruit & veg to boost your love life!
  • What to plant now & Jobs to do in the garden - preparing for Autumn planting

2017-01 January newsletter

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 brings you & your family every happiness, and that your garden blooms exceptionally well this year! I hope you've had a chance to have a rest over the Christmas period.

We're glad to say @ GLSC we survived the road closure - Farrall Road has been re-opened and you can now access us from each end; however due to the median strip, northbound traffic can only enter & exit from the northern end of our carpark.

  • What to plant now & Jobs to do in the garden
  • Moon Planting - what is it?
  • Tomato Contest 2017 - WIN prizes
  • New blueberry mix & more!

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