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2014-10 October newsletter

Still some rain to come, but some wonderful sunny days - plants are jumping out of the ground with these conditions. It really is quite a magical time of year. Hopefully your garden wasn't damaged in the recent hail storm that hit our northern suburbs.

We were lucky enough to enjoy a few days away over the school holidays - and got to see some beautiful gardens which made us all inspired! So we thought we’d do a prize draw for our customers to share photos of their own gardens.

We’ve been busy at GLSC and there’s lots going on to share with you.

  • Keeping Chooks in Your Backyard
  • Spring jobs to do in the Garden
  • Introducing our Members Section on our website
  • Garden Consultancy with Nick Bell now available

2014-08 August Newsletter

Hi There and welcome to our Winter newsletter. We've had some great rain which is fantastic long term for the soil, but it does bring it's frustrations when wet weekends come around and you can't get outside to get those jobs done! But then come some lovely sunny days, and aren't they glorious in Winter?

Thanks to those of you who follow us on Facebook and who gave us suggestions on things you'd like to see covered in future newsletters. I've taken some of your ideas on board and you can expect to see more down the track, too. We really do appreciate your feedback and ideas. I always find gardeners are a great bunch of people - willing to share ideas, experiences, cuttings seeds & even produce!

  • Winter Jobs in the Garden
  • Care of Decidious Fruit Trees
  • Slugs, Snails and Caterpillars - winning the war naturally!
  • What's new at The Green Life Soil Co & special offers for VIP customers

2014-05 May newsletter

Hello - welcome to Autumn! And finally we've had some great rain to start us off. Let's hope it continues throughout Winter. (Of course, overnight and during the week is generally preferred so we can enjoy some sunny weekends in the garden!)

  • Jobs for the garden & what to plant now
  • Citrus Gall Wasp - Quarantine needs your help
  • Winter Lawn Care
  • Regular Square Foot Garden demonstrations starting July

2014-03 March Newsletter

It's lovely to have the promise of cooler days ahead. Autum and Winter are prime growing seasons for us in Perth, so now's the perfect time to start planning your next vegie garden crop!

  • Jobs for Autumn
  • What to Plant Now
  • Tomato Competition Winners & Garden Festival Competition
  • Organic Matter in the Garden - what does it do?

2014-01 January News

Happy New Year from all of us @ The Green Life Soil Co!

Just a brief word from us to let you know a few things that are happening at GLSC.

  • Tomato Contest and Celebrity Judge Theo Kalogeracos
  • Sizzling summer pea straw offer for VIP customers
  • Introducing eWood - a recycling revolution!
  • Like us on Facebook and join our community

2013-12 December e-newsletter!

Summer in the garden is a time of maintenance and providing care to your plants so they survive our harsh, hot weather. We've got some tips below that may provide some winning strategies for you.

  • Jobs for the garden over summer
  • What to plant now
  • Announcing the Tomato Contest & introducing eWood
  • Christmas gift ideas for gardeners

2013-11 November 2013 e-newsletter!

After a wet September and a warm October I hope November & December will still be 'spring like' before summer hits us, and melts our enthusiasm for working outdoors...

  • Companion Planting
  • Saving your own seeds
  • Jobs for the garden this spring/summer
  • Garden Goodies for our newsletter VIP's

2013-08 August/September News

Hi There and welcome to our September 2013 e-newsletter!
Don't the seasons roll around quickly? Here we are again - Spring is here!
It's a fantastic time of year to be in the garden. I hope you enjoy this newsletter. As always, your feedback is welcome.

  • Cabbage White Butterfly & Cabbage Moth
  • Jobs for late winter/early spring
  • Chooks in the City - try before you buy!
  • Lawn care in Spring

2013-06 - June July News

Welcome to winter! With a good start to rainfall this May, and also some lovely sunny days it has been good weather to spend time in the garden.

  • Garden pests & diseases
  • Square Foot Gardening - What is it?
  • Productive Gardens in small spaces
  • Native fish, keeping chooks & more!

2013-05 May News

Autumn seems like it has been a long time coming and we certainly haven't had much rain yet (apart from this week) - But other tell tale signs are before us - shorter days and cooler nights.

  • Jobs for Autumn
  • What to Plant Now
  • Greenhouses
  • Silverbeet

2013-02 February News

I hope your garden has been surviving well over summer, and you are harvesting a range of yummy home grown produce from it.
In this newsletter we have some tips to help you in the garden at this time of year, new stuff from us, and a freebie for YOU.

  • What to plant this Autumn
  • What to plan now
  • Preparing for Winter
  • Space invaders - they're coming to get you!

2012-11 November News

With summer fast approaching (is it just me, or does it seem to be an early one?) there is still time to make your garden productive and protected against the increasing temperature, and we hope we have some tips here to help!

  • Tips for Growing Tomatoes & Tomato Competition News
  • Summer Lawn Care
  • Jobs to prepare your garden for summer
  • Courses around town, GLSC news, special offer & more

2012-08 August News

I hope this finds you enjoying the mild weather. We have had some gorgeous days; although the lack of rain is certainly a concern.
This is certainly a very productive time in the garden. There is a huge amount of vegies and herbs to go in the ground now, and much to harvest before the heat of summer really begins to arrive.

  • Jobs to do in the garden now
  • Grow winning Tomatoes!
  • Preparing sandy soil for growing
  • Meet the GLSC team & other news

2012-06 June News

Welcome to our latest newsletter! Winter is a very poductive time in the garden, especially here in Perth. We can enjoy the mild weather and we don't have to think about watering seedlings every day.
Plants seem to pop out of the ground (especially the weeds!) and I feel that at home our garden goes from survival mode at the end of summer to thrive mode once the rains start!

  • Jobs to do in the garden this winter
  • Slugs, Snails & Slaters
  • On-Line Shop - new and improved!
  • Mandarin Sweet (sort of) Salad Recipe

2011-11 November News

We trust you've been enjoying some lovely Spring gardening, and that the lead up to Christmas for you is enjoyable and not too stressful. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over this past year, and wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas.

  • Jobs for the Summer
  • More about Wicking Beds
  • Fruit Fly Control & Edible Flowers
  • Herb and Flower Vinegar Recipe & more

2011-07 July News

Winter is an incredibly productive time in the garden here in Perth. Some much needed rainfall, punctuated by sunny days has things growing brilliantly. That vibrant green colour is everywhere at this time of year and it seems so refreshing after a long, hot summer.

  • Jobs for the Winter
  • Focus on Beetroot & Cats Claw Herb
  • Wicking Beds - The Basics
  • Caring for Citrus over winter

2011-04 April News

Hello again. I hope your gardens have all survived this summer. Isn’t it nice that the evenings and mornings are getting a little bit cooler; it shows the season is definitely changing! With everything crossed for a little bit of rain, it will soon be one of the most productive times to get out and get dirty in your garden.

  • Growing Kale and St Mary's Thistle
  • Soil Life - what makes your garden grow
  • Chooks in your backyard
  • Pumpkin and Roast Capsicum Lasagne Recipe

2010-11 November News

Spring has certainly sprung, and it is the perfect time to get busy in the garden. All around, things are bursting with life (especially the weeds!) and the warmer, longer days are making things grow vigorously.

  • Mulch - the why's and how's
  • Growing Tomatoes
  • Microclimates - what they are and how they're important
  • Silverbeet Pie recipe

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