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Once you've got the good stuff into your soil, you need to keep it there! 

Mulch acts like a protective blanket. Best added before summer, it helps keep soil cool and reduces water loss through evaporation. Perth summer conditions are harsh - Coarse mulches, with larger particles to allow water penetration between them, are the best to use.

While mulches can be inorganic (eg. rocks/pebbles), organic mulches (eg. tree prunings/straw) which eventually break down and add organic matter to the soil are ultimately more beneficial to long term soil improvement.

How much mulch do I use?

Sandy soils benefit from a thicker application. Heavy, clay soils perhaps don't need so much. The 'right amount' usually varies from 50 - 150mm, depending on your garden. Avoid mulching directly around stems of plants & trunks of trees to avoid stem rot. Try to avoid compacting mulch once it's laid down. Raking mulch at 4 - 6 month intervals will rejuvenate garden beds and allow aeration to plant roots. After 12 months, or as the mulch breaks down, it will be necessary to top dress with another layer of new mulch. Spring or early summer is the best time to do this.

Our Mulch Products include:

Feeder Mulches

3 Way Mulch Mix

Feed and Mulch your garden at the same time! A blend of econo mulch, compost and manure.

Available bulk & bagged.

Native 3 Way Mulch Mix

A blend of econo mulch, garden compost and manure - formulated with more compost than manure, to reduce phosphorus.

Available in bulk & bagged.

Water Saving Mulches

Econo Mulch

Save water and retard weeds. A good basic mulch suitable for all plants. Made from aged & composted shredded green waste. Chocolate brown in colour, no artificial dyes.   Made to Australian Standard AS4454, it is processed to eliminate weed seeds, pathogens and disease (including dieback).

Available in bulk or 60 litre bags.

Supasaver Mulch

Cheap and effective. A coarse ground mulch with a mixture of particle sizes.  This is made from trees cleared from development sites and is usually marri/redgum.  Partially composted and quite rough - the chunky large particles are ideal for water penetration.  Popular for native gardens and larger areas.   Not fancy - but effective!
Available in bulk and 60L bags.

Recycled Tree Prunings

Cheap and effective. A coarse mix of tree prunings which makes an excellent mulch.  The chunky large particles are ideal for water penetration.  Popular for native gardens and larger areas. Please note:  Batches of tree prunings can vary.  If you are not sure this mulch may look OK for your intended use, we recommend you coming out to view the mulch prior to purchase.

Available in bulk and 60L bags.

Jarrah Woodchips

Even sized, coarse chunky chips.  Natural pink colour that will fade to silvery/grey in time.  Long lasting/hardwood mulch.

Available in bulk and 60L bags.

Vegetable Garden Mulches


Excellent for mulching and adding organic matter to soils.

Available in bales.

Pea Hay

Coarse, pea straw mulch. High in nitrogen. Excellent mulch for roses and vegetable gardens.

Available in bales, and chaffed in bags.


Popular quality mulch.  High in nitrogen. Excellent mulch for roses and vegetable gardens. 
Also available as a pelletised mulching product - steamed & compressed.  The pellets are easy to use, no odor and a fabulous way to mulch and feed at the same time.   Great for pots.  Once wet, the pellets expand and will eventually break down onto the soil's surface, protecting it.

Straw is available in bales.  Pelletised lucerne is available in 15kg sacks.

Lupin Mulch

Fine, long lasting nitrogen rich composted and shredded mulching straw, with a little bit of added chicken manure.

Available in 42 litre bags and cubic metre bulkabags.


Other Important Information!!!!

Please note Economulch & Supasaver mulches are a RECYCLED product - made from recycled, aged and composted council green waste.  Unfortunately because waste isn't always separated as well as it should be, sometimes small bits of inert waste (eg. wire, plastic, rubble and occasionally glass) can slip through the manufacturing process and be found in our end product.  We do our best to eliminate any contaminants during our mixing & loading procedure.  Should you feel this is an issue for you, please contact us to discuss.  Please be assured these inert materials do not affect the mulches performance.

Using recycled product (which passes organic and other compost quality standards) means that waste is saved from landfill and is an environmentally sound practice.

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