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We are excited to bring to Western Australia a fantastic new concept for growing your own vegies at home in Perth! 

Easy to Set up - Easy to Fill - Easy to Grow

What a great feeling it is to know exactly how fresh and healthy your vegies really are - because you picked them yourself.

The Vegepod is a modular, kit system that is easy to put together (the first time we did it it took about 45 minutes).  No tools required; and all required parts to assemble the kit are included. 

To fill, we recommend our Square Foot Garden Mix Soil in the Vegepods - it is perfectly designed for shallower beds, and will provide long and short term nutrition for your vegies and herbs.

Ideal for Vegetable Container Growing in Perth

Vegepod 1mtr Sq - Perth, Western AustraliaThe Vegepod Container Gardens provide superior growth-rates due to the complete growing system. Unlike traditional raised garden beds the Vegepods give you complete control over the soil which means any nutrients you add are utilised by your plants only. Excellent to avoid root competition from surrounding trees, lawns etc. This can be such a problem with traditional raised beds.

The self-watering reservoir holds up to 64 litres providing all the moisture your plants require - from below! The Vegepod is made of UV stablised polypropylene, and is foodsafe.  Each Vegepod comes with a 12 month warranty from the manufacturer.

Create a Microclimate with the Greenhouse Cover

The unique greenhouse cover provides a micro-climate that promotes rapid growth.  The cover is hinged, and allows easy one-handed access.

Vegepod with Cover - Perth, Western AustraliaBuilt into the frame is a mist-spray watering system with a clip-on fitting to simply attach to your garden hose, or a retic system if required.

Tired of the bugs eating your crops before you do? The covers protect your plants from animals, pests and damaging weather.  The cover provides approx. 17% shade protection to protect your seedlings.

Vegepods are available in three sizes:

  • SMALL (100cm x 50cm x 33cms high)
  • MEDIUM (100cm x 100cm x 33cm high) - Ideal for Square Metre Gardens!
  • LARGE (200cm x 100cm x 33cm high)

    Vegepods are supplied 'flat packed' and need assembly.  Easy to follow instructions supplied - no tools required.

Fill a Vegepod:

A small Vegepod will need approx.  3 bags, a medium approx.  6 bags and a large approx. 12 bags of our Square Foot Mix.

To learn more about Square Foot Gardening, download our FREE 9 page e-book here.

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