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Welcome to the Harvest Club Blog at the Green Life Soil Co. This blog will share the progess of Harvest Club Participants, a little bit about their garden projects, and more!

Here's what's happened recently...

Brendon from Huntingdale

Meet Brendon! He lives in a pretty typical suburban home in Huntingdale which (until the Harvest Club came along) had a well cared for front & back lawn, some roses and frangipanis - but not really any edible plants.

His available garden bed space was a pretty narrow (90cm wide) strip along the fenceline; not particularly ideal, but the concept behind the Harvest Club was to work with "real" gardens - not just those that are perfectly situated. READ THIS BLOG

The Roses of Rivervale

This oh-so-cute video was the Rose family's application for the Harvest Club.

The Family have built a new home in an older, established area. The backyard is home to a chook run, lawn and a number of trees. The vegie patch is up against the back wall of the house and they have had a little bit of success growing there - let's hope the Harvest Club project will bring them a little more! READ THIS BLOG

Husseys of Mundaring

Gary & Amy Hussey live on a one acre lifestyle block on the edge of Mundaring Village. They have plenty of space to garden, and having been there for five years, have some semi-established fruit trees, a vegie garden and a chook run. A strip of native bush remains as a screen and to feed the birds; and the property has a number of large marri trees scattered around the perimeter.

Gary & Amy were clever - when they were in the process of building their home, they had earthmoving equipment dig out a couple of areas with future garden beds in mind! (Hills people that have gardens full of rock will COMPLETELY understand the wisdom of this!) READ THIS BLOG

The O'Tooles from Queens Park

Sarah-James and her husband Ian are originally from Ireland; having lived in Perth for about 10 years. Their gorgeous red-haired girls Fay & Ivy were born here, and the family have settled into their home in Queens Park.

Sarah said she joined the program to get a little more support and knowledge about how best to grow vegies. She would love to share this knowledge with the girls so they can appreciate and enjoy home grown produce.


Nischa from Karrinyup

Meet Nischa from Karrinyup! Her whole front yard is devoted to growing food. Snuggled behind a front fence, Nischa has raised garden beds that 3 generations of her family enjoy tending (and harvesting!).

Her house is an amazing solar passive dwelling that does not require additional heating or cooling; so being partially self sufficient in food production seems a logical extension of living in a property with such low energy usage.


Karen from Dayton

Meet Karen Porter from Dayton!

Karen & her husband live with their 3 rottweilers & 3 cats (probably very nervous cats) in Dayton. The house is fairly new; they've been there about four years, and there are still new homes going up around them.

Slowly, she's been eyeing off the space in the front yard; which is mostly natives. She has one raised bed in the front yard, and the opportunity was perfect for her (and us) to create a new in-ground garden bed which is effectively on the front verge. READ THIS BLOG

Greener Garden Festival - a great day!

Hopefully you're one of the several hundred people who found their way to Green Life on Saturday, 3rd October for our inaugural Greener Garden Festival!

We were really fortunate to have a gorgeous day and people had a lovely opportunity to look around, enjoy a fantastic slow coffee, grab a sweet treat or sausage sizzle, let the kids pat the cuddly animals or play a game and enjoy one of the guest speakers on the day! READ THIS BLOG

Greener Garden Festival 3rd September

SPRING is almost upon us, and we're excited to be celebrating the start of spring AND the official launch of The Harvest Club program on Saturday, 3rd September.
Come along and meet the Harvest Club participants and get lots of inspiring ideas for your backyard from the various displays/stalls there on the day. READ THIS BLOG

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