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2020-10 October News

Hello and welcome to October! We're right in the heart of Spring - and I've been amazed (again) at the speed of growth in the garden at the moment. It seems the minute you turn your back, things are doubling in size. We've gone from waiting weeks and months for cauliflower heads to form, to being overrun with them - but it's a nice problem to have!! I hope you've been enjoying your garden, too!

We've been exceptionally busy at GLSC this Spring - Remember we're open 6 days 8.30 - 4.00pm (closed Sundays) so come on in anytime for in store shopping. There's no charge to borrow one of our trailers (just remember to bring in your drivers license) if you want to pick up bulk soil or mulch.

  • What to grow NOW & a handy reminder for October gardening jobs
  • Top Tips for Tasty Tomatoes!
  • New products, Retailer update & Photo competition Winner
  • VIP Special offer, & more!

2020-9 September news

Such a busy time in the garden & life seems to ramp up at this time of year too. It won't belong before we start seeing Christmas decorations in the shops - but between now & the traditional festive season, there's LOADS to do if you want to be harvesting fresh garden produce by then, and enjoying a healthy, green outdoor space over the summer - when you're entertaining outside and can really enjoy it. This month we hope to inspire you to get out there and get dirty!

  • What to plant NOW & Jobs to do in the Spring garden
  • Citrus Gall Wasp - Clay Spray is something new to try!
  • Harvest Club 2020 - your organic garden in a box
  • VIP special offer, Retailer update, Photo comp winner & more!

2020-08 August newsletter

Welcome to August. In the Nyoongar calendar, we're heading into Djilba - which is when the seasons begin to change (towards what we'd call 'Spring'). It is the time of conception; many native animals are breeding now so their young are born into a season of plentiful food. In our local bush, Acacias are flowering, and some of the other wildflowers like Hibbertia and Hovea are beginning to flower, too! Every week at this time of year, the bush comes alive with something else flowering.
It is the time of year in the South West of WA that we're still having rainy days and cold weather, but there's also cold, clear days that can bring gorgeous blue skies and perfect conditions for gardening.

  • What to grow NOW & a handy reminder of August gardening jobs
  • Roses - time to prune! An expert gives us her advice.
  • Vertical Gardens - on the up and up!
  • VIP special offer, Retailer update, Photo comp winner & more!

2020-07 July 2020 news

We're now in the middle of Winter; and while we've had some rain, there's also been some gorgeous sunny days. It really is a fabulous time to garden in Perth; without the harsh sun and heat putting our gardens under stress. We've passed the shortest day of the year now; so little by little, there's more daylight hanging around. Your plants will be noticing, and as the seasons turn it won't be long before Spring is here! The changing seasons really are wonderful, if we stop and take the time to observe nature!

We've got some great tips this month on how to grow organically by encouraging birds & insects to your garden.

  • Jobs to do in the Garden, and What to plant NOW
  • Bean Leaf Roll Virus - what is it?
  • Biodiversity in your backyard
  • Photo competition, VIP special, Retailer update & more!

2020-06 June News

The nights are getting colder now. Temperatures are starting to really drop at night and that means we are starting to cook those hearty winter recipes like casseroles and soups to keep us warm. I'm sure your garden benefited from recent rains and I hope survived the storms unscathed.

In the Noongar culture, June means the start of Makuru season (June-July). The coldest and wettest time of year known as the fertility season as animals prepare for winter breeding. The first rains begin, the westerly winds come and the Noongar people moved more inland to hunt.

If you missed our Facebook posts, we have had some new infrastructure built. We have installed a new concreted undercover area to keep our bulk products safe and protected over the winter months (see photo below). We've still got more to do - more improvements will enable tighter quality control and enable us to bring in new bulk products in time.

And speaking of new products - we have had some new household & personal products come onto the shelves! A fantastic new range of natural products from Herbon and a new range of Shampoo Bars from Shampoo with a Purpose.

  • Jobs to do in the June garden & What to plant NOW
  • New Products - for a cleaner, greener home!
  • Seasonal pests - slugs & snails
  • VIP special offer, Photo competition winner & MORE!

2020-05 May Newsletter

Wow - what a roller coaster the last few months has been ~ April was so busy we didn’t get time to publish the newsletter and we send our deepest apologies to those who have been waiting! On a brighter note we have noticed a lot of new members signing up and would like to welcome you all to the Green Life family.

What a strange Easter and Anzac we all experienced in isolation this year! With most of us home and spending time in the garden I wonder how much our gardens have grown? On a creative note World Naked Gardening Day was on Saturday the 2nd of May and my only comment is wow didn’t we get innovative in isolation this year.?

With the first week of May we experienced some strong winds and rain (how did your garden survive?) But we're grateful the weather cleared up in time for Mother's Day.

  • Jobs to do in the May Garden & What to plant NOW
  • The DIRT on what makes good soil.
  • VIP Freebie & Photo competition winner
  • Retail stockists, Covid-19 updates & more

2020-03 March Newsletter

We're living in strange times!
GLSC has now implemented a 'closed door policy' - this means we are still trading, however our premises are no longer open to the public. We are offering (as we always have) a delivery service, and other products (including trailer loads of soil) can be purchased by a click & collect system.
There's never been a more important time to garden. Welcome to our March newsletter.

  • Jobs in the March garden
  • What to plant NOW
  • Top 10 'Bang for your buck' Winter crops
  • VIP special offer

2020-02 February newsletter

Welcome to February! We've entered the Noongyar season of Bunuru - 'second summer'; the hottest part of the year with little or no rain, and hot easterly winds - and a cooling sea breeze (if we're lucky!). It was the time of year the traditional people lived near the water, and fish/aquatic foods made up a lot of their diet. It's also the time of the Marri flowers; and for those of us living around the hills, it's certainly a spectacular season for blossom this year. Farmers say that indicates a wet winter is on its way... we'll see!

For gardeners, it's a season of 'hanging in there!' - keeping gardens alive, and planning for Autumn, which officially is only a month away. We know weather can be hot right up into April, day length is shortening, nights are generally cooler, and there'll be a change in the air before much longer.

So check out all the things you can do and be prepared for your best ever Autumn in the garden.

  • What to plant NOW & Jobs for the February garden
  • Planning for Autumn - a checklist to get you thinking ahead
  • Recycling - be a part of it.
  • VIP RED HOT special, Photo contest winner, and much more!

2020-01 January news

Hello & welcome to 2020! It's been a crazy month around here - our big move happened over the Christmas break. We're now open & operational @ 166 Wilson Road; but still settling in - there'll be many improvements to come over the next year - so keep a look out and we hope to see you soon.
Our new site is a mere 4 minute trip (a couple of kms) by car from our previous site - if you're taking Roe Highway to reach us, take the Toodyay Road exit heading towards the hills and you'll find us. Our new site has a drive thru shed - so if you're just picking up bags, follow the arrows via the far gate and on in and we'll load you.

  • Jobs for the January Garden & What to Plant NOW
  • Summer Garden Survival
  • VIP special offer - our housewarming gift to you!
  • Retailer update & Photo contest winner - and more!

2019-12 December Newsletter

Welcome to Summer - and boy, is it here with a BANG! It's a tough season to garden in Perth - hopefully the preparation you've done in recent months will help your garden survive AND thrive until Autumn.

Well Green Lifers - OUR BIG MOVE is getting closer!!! Things at the new site (166 Wilson Road, Middle Swan - right next door to Tass1 Trees) are moving along, but there's many ducks to line up. The plan is that we'll be closed for an extended period over Christmas/New Year while we're moving & re-open for 2020 from the new premises.

Check out our opening hours here...

  • Details of our NEW PREMISES & Christmas trading hours.
  • What to plant now & a handy reminder for jobs to do in the garden
  • Home gardening in a heatwave - tips & tricks
  • VIP special offer, Photo competition winner & more!

2019-11 November news

Hello & welcome to November! As we head halfway into Spring, we can sense the days warming up. It was lovely to have some rain recently (commiserations if you're one of the gardeners who had some hail damage) - let's home a little bit of summer rain every now and again comes our way.

The Spring garden is definitely alive & buzzing at our place. Seedlings of corn, cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes and salad greens are pumping. We're picking sugar snap peas, heaps of spinach and silverbeet, some early garlic, and globe artichokes. While the broccoli is almost over (some side shoots still being produced from very sad looking & caterpillar ravaged plants), we've got a couple more nice cauliflower heads forming - but that will be brassicas done & dusted for the year.

  • What to plant NOW & November jobs - a handy reminder
  • Darn, gosh exciting news!!!! GLSC moving in 2020
  • Pest repellent plants - enjoy your summer outdoors
  • VIP special offer, Photo competition winner & more!

2019-10 October newsletter

Welcome to October - it's certainly starting to warm up in our gardens.

Spring is such a busy time - there's so much to plant that will grow, flower and fruit before summer and beyond; and now's the time to start those clean up & planting jobs that will mean you've got an outdoor space to be proud of when you entertain over the summer & Christmas period.

This month, we hope to inspire you to make the most of this gorgeous weather.

  • What to plant now & Jobs for the October garden
  • Space saving ideas for your garden
  • VIP special offer
  • Photo competition winner & retailer update

2019-09 September news 2019

Hello & welcome to SPRING!
Yes, it's officially here ~ and it's a perfect time to begin all those garden projects, and to get planting the crops that will be feeding you November through to January.

In our instant world we forget nature has her cycles and can't be rushed; a seed takes time to germinate, grow and produce. Gardening is a great way to reconnect with this and to teach our children the lesson of patience.

But there's sooooo much you can do now that will bring you rewards down the track. We hope this newsletter will inspire you to get out side in the coming weeks and be a part of it.

  • What to plant NOW & Jobs for the September garden
  • Lawn care - the natural way!
  • VIP speclal freebie offer
  • Retailer update, new products, and MORE!

2019-08 August Newsletter

Hello again - here we are more than halfway through winter; so you know what that means; SPRING is literally just around the corner! Days are getting noticeably longer week on week and the plants will be noticing too! Let's hope there's still some good rain to be had - I'm sure there's still some very chilly days ahead too; we're not out of frost danger yet (if you live in those susceptible areas).

As the weeks roll on; we'll have more and more varieties of Spring/Summer vegies available in both seed & seedlings. Come on in over the next month and check out our range, or feel free to call up if you're looking for something in particular.

  • What to plant NOW & Jobs for the August garden
  • Mites. Tiny garden pests (and how to deal with them!)
  • Photo competition winner & Retailer update
  • VIP Special offer

2019-07 July News

Howdy Green Lifers! In last month's newsletter I started the introduction talking about how dry it's been... well - amazing how things can turn around, isn't it? June was officially our wettest month in 14 years; although we've still got a bit to go to catch up on where the average says we should be. I hope your garden has enjoyed the rain. As always, we're still blessed with lovely sunny days in winter - perfect for getting outdoors, so don't miss those opportunities to get things done in the garden.

  • What to plant now & Jobs for the July garden
  • Avocados - growing tips from a professional
  • VIP red hot winter delivery deal
  • Photo competition winner & Retail stockist update

2019-06 June 19 newsletter

June! Winter is officially here; but so far the rain hasn't arrived. Let's hope that changes and we get some rain interspersed with our traditional lovely sunny winter days! While it's a little quieter in the garden, there's always things to do.
This month check out our part II of 'how to improve your soil'- this time it's for those who have to deal with clay soil.

  • Jobs to do in the June garden & What to plant now
  • Improve your soil - part II
  • VIP special offer
  • Retail stockist update & Photo competition winner

2019-5 May Newsletter 2019

Hello & welcome to MAY! We trust you had a good Easter/school holiday/ANZAC period - many people had an extended break and for some that meant it was a good time to get things going in their garden. If you've been too busy and doing other things - it's not too late. NOW is the perfect time to get growing; the days are mainly sunny and warm and there has been a teasing amount of rain - let's hope there's more to come.
In case you haven't figured it out yet - at Green Life we're a bit passionate about SOIL - it is a living thing (or at least it should be!) More and more is coming to light now about the importance of healthy, microbially active soil, and why biodiversity is so important. So if you're looking at your little patch and need help to make it better - do come and see us, because we know we can help.

  • Jobs in the May Autumn Garden & What to Plant NOW
  • VIP special offer - free POO to YOU
  • Rejuvenate your garden (and see the benefits!)
  • Photo competition winner, Retail stockist update... and MORE!

2019-04 April newsletter

Hello & welcome to April!
Come and see us at this year's Perth Garden Festival - 11 - 14th April at McCallum Park, site 247. We'll have a good range of organically grown seedlings for sale, seeds, seed potatoes, plus a few of our Green Life goodies including Charlie Charcoal in updated packaging; so do come and say hello! We're also going to have a lovely range of Tucker Bush edible native plants available - so come and have a look!

  • What to plant in the garden now
  • Jobs to do in the Autumn garden
  • Check out our story in our great new video!
  • VIP special offer for April

2019-03 March 19 newsletter

We're excited to say it's OFFICIALLY AUTUMN! Our favourite time of year in the garden. Obviously we're still in for some hot weather but the seasons are definitely shifting. The indigenous Noongar people recognise 6 seasons in the South West of WA; and March falls in Bunuru - the 2nd summer; with 'Autumn' or Djeran being April & May. I think they know what they're talking about! Gardeners are nothing if not optimistic - so with the knowledge that cooler weather is on its way - there's much to be done in preparation for Autumn planting.

  • What to plant now & tips for sowing seeds this Autumn
  • Growing gorgeous Garlic
  • Tomato contest winners - 2019
  • VIP special offer for March

2019-02 February newsletter

Summertime! It's certainly here, - with kids back to school and things settling back to normal - clubs, committees and community groups are all back to work. Planning is well underway for the 2019 Perth Garden Festival. GLSC will be there again; so make a mental note to come and say hi!

If you're still hibernating inside away from the heat and not thinking about going outside to work in the garden - we're on the downhill slide to Autumn now, so hang in there! Grab a cool drink and have a read of the newsletter - hopefully it may get you inspired!

  • What to grow now & February gardening jobs - a handy reminder.
  • Fertilise - why, what & when? Some of our favourites.
  • RED HOT VIP offer
  • Photo competition winner, Retail stockist update & more!

2019-01 January News

HAPPY NEW YEAR & welcome to our first newsletter of 2019.
I trust you had a lovely Christmas and (just maybe) were lucky enough to have a break?
How is YOUR garden surviving summer? We've got some great advice to keep things healthy and to beat some of those pesky seasonal pests.
Plus lots of great tips, planting suggestions & more!

  • Tomato Contest 2019
  • Summer garden pests
  • Jobs for the January garden & What to plant now
  • VIP Special offer & Photo competition winner for January

2018-12 December newsletter

Welcome to December (and hello Summer!)

With Christmas just around the corner and Summer technically here this month - it's a busy time for most of us with end of year celebrations & formalities.

We've had a very busy Spring at GLSC - and our list of retail stockists has continued to grow; often because people are asking their local nurseries, etc to carry our products!! So THANK YOU for your continued support ~ we wouldn't be here without it.

This month we've got lots of tips to help your garden through the warmer months.

  • Jobs to do in the December Garden & What to Plant Now
  • VIP Special Offer - Merry Christmas to YOU!
  • Photo Competition Winner & Retail Stockist Update
  • Creating Shelter in the Summer Garden

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