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new leafHello & welcome to April!  We've had a teensy drop of rain (barely enough to wet the dust), more warm days, and as I write this there's a forecast of possible storms next week...  so although it's a bit all over the place, overall the nights are cooler and things are definitely changing.  Autumn is a fabulous time to be in the garden, so don't miss the opportunity of milder weather; get outdoors and enjoy it!  In the Noongar seasons we're entering Djeran (the Autumn/season of adulthood) when cooler winds from the South-West may bring rain.

Come and see us at this year's Perth Garden Festival - 11 - 14th April at McCallum Park, site 247.  We'll have a good range of organically grown seedlings for sale, seeds, seed potatoes, plus a few of our Green Life goodies including Charlie Charcoal in updated packaging; so do come and say hello!  We're also going to have a lovely range of Tucker Bush edible native plants available - so bring your shopping bags to the event so you can carry your goodies home.  I'll be doing a talk on the main stage on Thursday afternoon, if you're at the show I'd love your support, so come on down!

Speaking of SEED POTATOES - they're in stock now!  Certified Organic from Manjimup, we have 'Delaware', 'Dutch Cream' and 'Laura' available.  Get your soil ready and get planting for delicious home grown spuds.

And something else - recently we worked with a video production company to shoot a little story video about The Green Life Soil Co - and we'd love to share the finished result here with you!  Thanks to Craig from Dogs Go Woof Productions for his time & efforts to put the video together for us. He spent a day following us around at Green Life, and interviewing us to dig a little deeper into what makes us do what we do...  I hope you enjoy it!

Watch on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/embed/xH05HcfHlv0?rel=0

Because April & the lead up to the Festival is always such a busy time - the newsletter this month is briefer than most!  Apologies & I hope once we can take a breather things will be more "normal" (whatever that means!) next month.

vision glassesIf you're a Facebook user, stay up to date with our page over the Garden Festival - we'll be doing some live videos & if I can I'll be trying to grab interesting peeps to join me on camera... so do check in regularly to stay up to date.  

Our Easter Trading & Anzac hours are below:

Good Friday - Closed
Easter Saturday - open 8.30 - 4pm
Easter Sunday - Closed
Easter Monday - open 8.30 - 2pm

Anzac Day - open 8.30 - 2pm

If you're wanting a delivery for your Easter gardening project please book in ASAP - we're already filling up delivery slots, so don't miss out!

Lastly - we're repeating the popular 'Extracting Essential Oils' workshop at the end of this month, and we have a Propagation workshop running early May - workshops can only run if we have a minimum number of people interested, so please don't leave it to the last minute to book in.  Bookings can be made by clicking on the relevant session on our Events page here

Happy Gardening!

The Green Life Soil Co

In this newsletter:

Jobs for the April garden
What to plant now
VIP special offer
Photo competition
Retail stockist update

Jobs for the April Garden

  • seed packetsPlant late Winter/Spring bulbs soon - the Jonquils, Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinth, Snowdrop (etc) bulbs will all be available soon. (Hint - there's usually a good selection available at the Garden Festival.)  Plant them for some lovely colour and scent in the garden - often when there's little else around in the cooler weather.  
  • Plant a fruit tree!  Bare rooted trees won't be available for a couple more months yet (many good nurseries have an order list - so contact them and get on it!).  But if there are good opportunities to plant potted trees or evergreen fruit trees like Citrus - Autumn is a fabulous time to do so.  
  • Feed your lawn!  Once the weather cools down you're maybe a bit too late - but the weather is still warm so give your grass a light feed or top dress now (don't leave it any longer) - if you haven't already done so.
  • Sow your spring flowering annuals from seed.  Poppies, Sweet Peas, Stocks, Aquilegia, Alyssum, Nasturtium - just for a few - to give bees & beneficial insects some food!  Also things like Borage - which grows very easily at this time of year and is a great plant if you've got a bit of room.  It can grow about 75cms x 75cms at least - but is such a lovely Bee plant to have!
  • Watch for slugs & snails - as soon as we have some rain these little guys get really active in our gardens.  
  • Get your Winter vegies in ASAP.  You're almost too late to sow seed for first crops - so check out healthy seedlings as a faster option to be harvesting sooner.  Start some seed now for your successive crops to follow.
  • You can probably cut down on watering your indoor plants now, as the seasons are changing.  Do check out the moisture in your pots before watering; most indoor plants are killed by overwatering (not under watering) so you're often best to let the soil dry out just a little bit before watering again.
  • Depending on where you are, it might be almost time to cut back asparagus and prepare beds for winter dormancy with a big load of good compost.  Plan on doing this sometime in the next month.
  • lavenderCut back Lavender, Geranium (and other summer flowering perennials).  Use the off-cuts for cuttings & see if you can grow new plants for free!  
  • Harvest your Sweet Potatoes - dig around for the tubers.  Plants will slow down and potentially die back a little over winter (if you have them in a cooler spot) so make the most of the tubers you have grown.  Get some more slips growing to start again in the Spring.  See our fact sheet on propagating them here.

What to Plant Now

broccoli seedlingsApril is a great time to plant LOTS of fabulous Winter & Spring vegies.  Better get a wriggle on if you're growing from seed - you may be better off looking for established seedlings to get a quicker harvest, and grow a few seeds for successive crops which will be ready to harvest 4-6 weeks on.

Do check out our FREE downloadable planting guide for Perth (see link here) - but here's a quick list of vegies & herbs to try now:

Artichoke (Globe), Asian Greens, Beetroot, Beans (Bush & Broad), Broccoli (ours are pictured right), Cabbage, Carrot, Cauliflower, Celery, Coriander, English Spinach, Garlic, Kale, Kohl Rabi, Leek, Lettuce, Mint, Onion, Oregano, Parsley, Parsnip, Peas, Potato, Radish, Silverbeet, Snow Peas, Spring Onion, Swede, Turnip.

Here's a link to our growing guide on POTATOES - if you've never given them a try before, it's definitely worth having a crack!  You don't need a huge amount of space, as the fact sheet will tell you - there are a range of ways you can get a good crop. 

VIP Special Offer

blood & boneFor the remainder of April - VIP's can purchase our "home made" Blood & Bone - Certified Organic will all the good stuff (and none of the other filler rubbish!) for

3kg $15.00 (save $3.50)
8kg $30.00 (save $4.50)
15kg $56.00 (save $6.00)

Online shoppers - log into our VIP members only page to view the special prices & select the product from there to add to your shopping cart.

Our Blood & Bone can be used for all plants (including natives) and is great to add to your Autumn garden to replenish nutrients before planting new crops, and to feed existing plants.

Photo Competition

seed raising mix bagThanks to Liz from Midland who sent us in this photo recently of her Winter vegies just starting to germinate in our Seed Raising Mix!

Liz has won a $50 store credit to use with us on products of her choice.  See how easy it is?  Either post to our FB page or email us with the heading 'Photo Competition'.  Ideally, give us a little story about your garden (and what the photo's about) and send it in.  You've got to be in it to win it - so give it a go!

CONGRATULATIONS Liz.  I know she's a horticultural student so I'm sure the win will come in very handy!

Retail Stockist Update

Looking for Green Life goodies closer to home? Check out our list of independent stockists. Please support these businesses who support us! You'll get great advice & local knowledge as a bonus.

Just remember each stockist carries different products; so it pays to ring and check with them to see if they've got what you're after. In most cases, they'll be happy to add your requests to their next order.

Beaufort Garden World - Inglewood 9271 0585
Dunn + Walton - Doubleview 92427711
Garden Elegance - Subiaco 9381 2197 (you can see our sign on their fence pictured to the right!)
Guildford Town Garden Centre - Guildford 9279 8645
Nibali Stockfeed - Hamilton Hill 9433 2211
Stanbee Stockfeeds - Barragup 9581 2390
Thrive Sustainability - Lower Chittering 0408 157 301
charlie charcoalWaldecks Bentley - Bentley 9458 5944
Waldecks Melville - Melville 9330 6970
Waldecks Kingsley - 9309 5088
Waldecks Stirling - 9254 6730
Wandilla Nursery - Wattle Grove 9453 9779
Zanthorrea Nursery - Maida Vale 9454 6260

Australind Landscaping Supplies 9796 1720 
Busselton - U scape Garden Centre 9751 3995
Leschenault & Bunbury Markets - Fancy Plants Nursery 0428 844 597
Margaret River - Landmark 9758 7677

So THANK YOU for being part of the Green Life family - we hope to see you soon in store (and here next month for the next newsletter!) In the meantime - stay up to date with all the Green Life happenings by following us on Facebook and Instagram.



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